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Assicurazioni Generali: a Journey that started in 1831
Assicurazioni Generali:
a Journey that started in 1831
technology services

Technology Services


Consulting Services - Generali Consulting Solutions leverages the experience of its IT professionals to provide services and products to meet the needs of every client. Our IT professionals have run systems departments for insurance and reinsurance companies, developed vendor software packages, and managed major system implementations. Our staff bring in-depth knowledge and experience of the Insurance and Reinsurance industry to each engagement. Generali Consulting Solutions offers various IT consulting services including application development, system integration, and project management. We also have extensive experience in data conversion. Whether you are converting data from one system to another or merging multiple databases into a single repository, our staff can provide a quick and accurate solution.

Software Solutions - Generali Consulting Solutions provides a powerful business intelligence tool called G-Info. We have developed an OLAP /BI (Online Analytical Processing/Business Intelligence) suite of products designed to gather, manage, distribute and analyze data for improved strategic and tactical decision-making. The only thing you need is a PC with internet access in order to use G-Info. G-Info provides OLAP functions allowing easy navigation through large amounts of data. Operations may be viewed in ways never imagined, with the critical information needed to make informed business decisions. G-Info is a powerful Business Intelligence solution that offers advanced dynamic and interactive data reporting. By design, it takes your organization’s information and makes it quickly and easily accessible. Using a simple drill down interface, G-Info puts your organization's information at the fingertips of your users. G-Info is not a report generator. Report generators are cumbersome and time consuming process for most users. G-Info handles reporting within seconds and does so in an "interactive reporting" manner that is intuitive and very easy to use.


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