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Assicurazioni Generali: a Journey that started in 1831
Assicurazioni Generali:
a Journey that started in 1831



A Loss Prevention Survey report is submitted to the client consisting of a complete evaluation containing both physical and human element issues, and provides specific recommendations for improvements and includes:

An evaluation of the facilities’ loss prevention measures
both physical and human factors.

Adequacy of fire protection systems including automatic
sprinklers, extinguishing systems surveillance systems as
related to construction, occupancy, and special hazards.

Evaluation of the manufacturing processes, equipment,
facilities and management, to determine at risk areas and
prioritize loss control measures. Our evaluation uses our
consultants extensive experience guided by national and
international codes such as NFPA, OSHA and other locally
and international recognized standards, to tailor our
recommendations to the realities of business, maximizing
the ROI of your investment in Risk Control Measures.


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