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Assicurazioni Generali: a Journey that started in 1831
Assicurazioni Generali:
a Journey that started in 1831
management consulting services

Management Consulting Services


Run-off Management – Discontinued business is a rapidly expanding segment of the insurance industry. The increasing complexity of establishing, managing and motivating a run-off operation often distracts managers from focusing on their core business activities. Generali Consulting Solutions has developed an infrastructure that efficiently manages run-off accounts by reducing liabilities and the life of the run-off, while also reducing administrative costs to the client.

Commutation Analysis and Negotiation – Commutation is an excellent tool for reducing and/or eliminating liabilities. We can provide the necessary strategies and skilled professionals to achieve finality.

Audits and Reviews – Applying market knowledge and experience, our staff will develop and execute audit strategies to best fit the unique needs of each client. We can perform operational and financial audits of ceding companies, MGA’s, TPA’s, or any other entity in our client’s business mix.

Statutory and GAAP Reporting – Utilizing proprietary reporting tools, we can assist in the reporting needs of a company.

Cash Reconciliation and Application – A typical problem with collection efforts is unapplied cash and lack of supporting documentation. Generali Consulting Solutions can reconcile and apply cash to develop precise receivable balances. In addition, we can assist with reconstructing balances to provide the necessary backup documentation to recoverable balances.

Collections – Through a worldwide network, Generali Consulting Solutions provides local presence to assist in the collection of funds due a client. We are also able to reconstruct the balances due to effectively find a resolution to disputed balances.


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